Cold mornings, warm days….a neat solution to the ‘what to wear’ question

You know the problem. You’re setting off for a long day ride at 6am, when it’s going to be cold, but later in the day, it’s going to warm up. What to wear? Is it worth suffering the chilly morning for a couple of hours to be more more comfortable later, or do you end up doing most of the ride carrying a spare jacket, maybe a bulky one, that you don’t need. The solution is a device that works in conjunction with your normal cycling clothes but gives you a continuously variable way to control your levels of insulation. This great innovation was first demonstrated to me by my father when he used it during his winter commutes by motorcycle…it’s called a newspaper…stuffed up the front of your jersey or jacket.

Tabloid is about the right size for most people. Just wear one under your top layer and peel off a few pages at a time as it gets warmer, disposing of them in an environmentally responsible fashion along the way. If you’re really hard up, you could even fold up the pages and keep them for the next trip. Push them up the back of your jersey, rather than the front, and you won’t notice the insulating affect.

City traders favour the FT, school teachers The Guardian, Tories The Telegraph and Liberal Democrats The Independent. Your own choice is  an opportunity to make a little statement about yourself.

Of course if you’ve money to spare, I can provide you with an old newspaper of your choice,  trimmed to your size (S, M, L, XL) and complete with Pedalitis logo sticker on the front page for just £20……plus P&P.


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