Chook’s rescue bike is equipped for any eventuality

Yesterday, New Year’s Eve, at Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia, I witnessed one of the most heavily laden bikes I’ve seen in a long time. Dressed in full fireman’s gear (despite the 30 degrees C temperature), “Chook” (real name Anthony) volunteered for duty on his Ricardo bike to protect party goers against something…..although I’m not sure quite what. The bike appeared to be equipped with at least two fire extinguishers, various fire blankets, a long handled broom, emergency medical kits, a two way radio, multiple flashing lights and heaven knows what else.

Chook, Sydney, Australia
Fireman “Chook” fully equipped to rescue party-goers from danger in Darling Harbour, Sydney on New Year’s Eve 2012

I had a few words with Chook, who described himself as a disabled volunteer for various organisations, including the New South Wales Rural Fire Service. It just goes to show how much you can pack onto a bike if you try, and that lycra is not always the most appropriate clothing for the job at hand.

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